Aluminum fire swatter with rigid handle

Tool for fighting forest fires

The assembly of the handle with the beater or paddle is perfectly adhered through a vulcanization process, making the fire bat a single immovable unit without the need for rivets, screws, or any other fastening element.


  • Tube made of hard aluminum.
  • Does not rust.
  • Smooth finish.
  • Outer Diameter: 25 mm.
  • Inner Diameter: 21 mm.
  • Exceptional resistance to breakage.
  • Recovers when bent.

Beater (Paddle):

  • Self-extinguishing synthetic rubber, 6 mm thick.
  • The entire beater is reinforced with fabric for greater tear resistance. Critical areas have double reinforcement.
  • One side is branched to extend the lifespan.
  • Greater rigidity.
  • Thicker outer edges.
  • Steel interior reinforcement.


  • Ergonomic rubber handle for more comfortable handling.


Weight 1,8 Kg

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