About us

Located in the city of Alta Gracia, we have devised, manufactured and sold solutions for working at wildfires and rescue tasks for over 15 years. Motivated by constant improvement, our Research and Development Department emphasizes creativity and the incorporation of new technologies. We carefully study the needs of the customer and his contingencies, in order to develop the tools that best adapt to the extreme situations where people, natural resources and goods are in danger, facilitating prevention and intervention and making them as
effective as possible.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy of work is based on: Sharing and respecting the fireperson’s spirit. Having passion for the profession and love for the uniform. Showing great vocation of service to solve problems. Considering each order as an opportunity to sell, to improve and to increase the customer’s confidence in the company. Counting on mobility and flexibility: being in a state of permanent challenge. Investigating and learning: before saying “NO”, we find out if we can do it. Being oriented to problem solving through proactive thinking.

Mission and vision

Design, manufacture and market flexible and quality solutions for fire fighting and rescue.

Consolidate ourselves as benchmarks for consultation and innovation, through excellence in the advice and support provided to our clients and our ability to permanently adapt.

Our Certifications

They certify the company’s commitment to quality, since they guarantee continuous improvement, helping to implement and coordinate dynamic processes and optimizing operational efficiency and enabling better decision making.


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