Water backpack

The most comfortable backpack on the market: ergonomic design that ensures functionality during long work days

It has a very resistant waterproof PVC bag inside which can be easily replaced without tools in case of punctures. It has a fill cap with filter and handles to help balance the bag while filling.


It has a 1/4 turn quick connect valve at the outlet, which allows to remove or attach the hose to the bag when it is full without leaking its content.

The hand pump has been redesigned to reduce weight and improve ergonomics, adding a movable handle on the main spout for an easier grip.

The dual-action pump allows the firefighter or member of the brigade to switch from a straight stream with a 12 meter range to a fog spray with a 3 meter range.


Dimensions 650mm x 450mm
Capacity 20 - 22 l
Dry weight 2,3 Kg

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